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Falling In Love With Pastels

I have a pastel crush.
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I have a crush on Pastels.
Wandering through Lisbon, in all its chalk colour glory, has inspired me to celebrate colour and in particular pink and all the shades of. Whether it is the exteriors with their pastel washed walls or marble reliefs in these delicate tones, Lisbon is a colour palette to love.

My eye has decided a colour a day. Custard yellow, every hue of blue and romantic pinks; I’m searching for them one at a time as I walk up and down the labyrinth of tiny streets that distinguish this beautiful city. I’m spoilt to be here and in particular without the normal swell of late July tourists who would normally be crowding the city. The shops and restaurants, many are open, but quiet with little foot traffic. I feel safe; distance is observed, masks obligatory and the hand sanitising a never-ending cycle.
Back to pink and in particular the pastels.
Recently I made a purchase of a blush pink blouse and it has turned into a favourite buy. I’ll show you on Instagram – it was a sale find and long since disappeared. Pink and these pastel shades can be very flattering to the skin as long as they don’t have too much blue within; the same goes for pink lipsticks.

Try these fabulous lip treatment oils from Hourglass – Adorn and Bare are the ones I have.

Don’t miss this scalloped lace blouse; my calendar is marked.

This pale pink ...
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