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Exploring Dutch Design Week 2021: The 6 Events You Need to See

Dutch Design Week 2021 takes place in Eindhoven from October 16-24, 2021. Get your walking shoes ready, here's what you need to see!

Next month, Dutch Design Week (DDW) will launch its 20th edition of the show with the overarching theme of ?The Greater Number”, which will explore the issue of humanity?s rampant addiction to growth. DDW will take place in Eindhoven, Netherlands from October 16-24, 2021. The city will come alive with creative energy as thousands of designers showcase their works and ideas in 110+ locations across the city to 350,000+ visitors local and abroad. It?ll be an exciting time to visit Eindhoven, so be sure to check out the program to plan your itinerary, or keep reading to learn about the events we would check out.
Every year, DDW chooses ambassadors to advocate for the show and design in general, and this year it has appointed three. Designer and artist Christien Meindertsma?s Sharing Elements project is an interactive installation and exhibition that will explore the origins, value, and meaning of materials and products. Meindertsma shares, Without being aware of it in everyday life, we are connected to places all over the world through the very matter from which we are made. Our body ? like many products ? is only a temporary stopover for the elements that form the universe. With this new project Sharing Elements, I want to work with interaction designer Joel Gethin Lewis to show how these elements stay in our bodies for a while a...
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BP House / Rakta Studio

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House with a Small Garden / Plan21

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Healthcare Center in Valenzá / IDOM

The planned building for the new Valenzá healthcare centre in Orense will be located on a plot which is over 3,666 m2 and sits on a steep sloping area half way between the river, the main road in town – in its lower section – and...
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Henderson Cifi Tiandi / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Text by Jean Nouvel.
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Living on the Roof by rotunno justman

In Paris, the scarcity of land partly explains the city?s low housing production capacity. The research for alternatives to densification must be encouraged. The Rotunno Justman architectural firm has just raised a small building in the 15th...
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The Tramato Carpet Collection Embraces Graphic Black + White

TRAMATO, antoniolupi carpets\' new carpet collection, combines textures, optical effects and intricate lines for a graphic look we love.
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House with a Small Garden / Plan21

Wetland Museum In Huailai / Tenio

This wetland museum is located in the largest wetland near Beijing, which is the home of 40 species of resident birds and a pathway of 151 species of migratory birds. The museum disseminates wetland knowledge to tourists, especially teenagers, and...
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DMTV Milkshake: Leia T. Ward on Mastering the Art of ?Interior Marketing?

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House with a Small Garden / Plan21

Badari Residence / Cadence Architects

The Badari residence is a house designed on a typical tight knit urban plot measuring 2400sft. The client requirement was further distinguished into two kinds of spaces. Spaces that needed to be personal and intimate verses spaces that needed to be...
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House with a Small Garden / Plan21

Querido Tulum Residential Complex / reyes rios + larraín + Gabriel Konzevik

Located in Tulum, Quintana Roo in México, the design for the medium density apartment complex, targeted to a mid to high income market, has its basis on the following premises: - Improve the sense of community among the residents inside the scale of...
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A Contemporary, Sophisticated Beverly Hills Residence

Our client, who is from the sports world, wanted an open-plan house for entertaining but also a photography studio and a gallery space suitable for hanging his large art projects. Working with Barry... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...
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