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Design Milk Travels To? Barcelona

Food, art, and architecture in a vibrant city full of life and color" When?s the next plane out"

For the modern tourist who wants to travel to a city filled with lots of color, energy, good eats, architecture and arts, I?d point them in the direction of Barcelona. This is a city that transports you to a landscape that?s both modern and historical. While this guide won’t tell you where the best tapas or vino is, you might find it useful if you’re wanting to take in the arts, architecture, and culture of the city. Whether you’re looking to go on an architecture/art crawl or find modern boutiques to shop at, this Design Milk guide will make sure you get a little bit of everything in your trip.

Hotel Omm facade Hotel Omm: You?ll probably find yourself lingering outside this member of the Design Hotels collective a little bit longer than normal before entering. Designed by architect Juli Capella, the exteriors of the hotel feature a limestone facade that ?peels back? cutouts to form windows. The interiors aren?t to be missed either though; designers Sandra Tarruella and Isabel López find the perfect balance between lines, colors, and volumes within the hotel for a contemporary vibe.
Hotel Omm
Photo via Matt W. Moore
Vincci Bit Hotel: For those who love art, the Vincci Bit is known for its modern art interiors. Each of the eight floors features a mural by leading illustrators and designers (we actually featured one of them here)...
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