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Body Confidential: Staying Positive

Does anybody ever feel perfectly happy with their body"
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Does anybody ever feel perfectly happy with their body"
If they do I admire them.

I know we should be happy with what we have and not sweat the small stuff – we all want to think bigger and rise above – but truthfully there are days when a slimmer girth and a set of giraffe legs would come in handy. I am sure you know what I mean"

There are days, despite the regime of health and exercise, when our body confidence is reduced. There may be a very valid reason or our “low” can simply be imaginary; it doesn’t matter, it is how we feel that counts. Circumstances and mood drive how we feel about our bodies and while we mightn’t like them, they are in our control.
And control is everything, especially when we are talking body confidence.

The same philosophy can be applied to our skincare routines; if we feel our skin is glowing, our serums are working and we look , as we want, then all is right with the world. Sometimes a change in product is all that is needed for that boost in confidence. The same applies to our body confidence; small changes can reap great rewards.

How do we feel positive when all we see is negative"
Having 100% confidence in my body has never been my strong suit, far from it. I was one of those chubby children who turned out slim but probably always saw my...
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