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A Tale Of The Cream Knit

How runaway sheep got me thinking about my favourite Autumn staple.
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How runaway sheep got me thinking about my favourite Autumn staple.

When Mary arrived at VAHQ the other day she was so excited about her journey and the little detour it took. She told me how the bizarre happenings on the train line had her thinking about cream knitwear. As one who adores all things cream, especially cosy sweaters, I asked her to tell you where she found her inspiration. It’s the cutest tale and as she is an aspiring writer my advice to her was to go with it. 

And plus we have some delicious new sweaters to consider. xv

The inspiration for this knitwear tale was found in the unlikeliest of places.
Whilst on my morning commute to the VA office, the driver of my train made a very stressed announcement. What was he going to say" Suddenly, the train launched to a halt, we were stopped on the tracks and had no idea why. We learned a flock of sheep had decided to have a morning run on the tracks, much to the amusement of my fellow commuters. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Fear not, they were seen in time for the train to slow down and encourage them back to their grassy homes.

As I saw the cream, woolly animals returning to their fields, I thought about all the delicious cream knitwear featured this season. Reuniting with the sweaters is one of the best parts of Autumn alongside saying a warm hel...
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