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a simple skincare tip...because I love you!!

While for the love of a house started as a renovation blog some 10 years ago now; I feel it has morphed into a lifestyle blog at this point.  I love sharing our life, our girls, our home, my designs, projects, the gardens, my favorite things, et cetera with you.  I have several "favorites" posts that I've been compiling for over a year that I'm excited to share, but this one simple tip deserves it's own quick post because it has had a huge impact on the health and well-being of my skin, not to mention my daily comfort level since it has been over a year now since I've experienced a single day of dry skin, I kid you not!  I'm sure you can imagine the toll a winter in New England can take on one's skin;)  I hope this tip will aid (at least some of) you too if you suffer from dry, itchy skin. (fyi- we do this year round, not just in winter) Sometimes I feel foolish sharing such random little things with you and I will question myself and talk myself out of sharing, but I always revert to the old adage "if it helps one person... ." I have found over the last 10 years of blogging that those little random tips/shares are often the things that I get repeat feedback/thanks about even years later.  I'm also trying to post more on what's on my mind instead of overthinking posts which I usually do and then end up not posting at all.... you know, like for over a year? ;)  Enough of my rambling...

Does your skin look or feel lik...
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Viana Fast-Food in Tehran, Iran / Jafar Lotfolahi

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Palm Springs: Your Hot Spot for Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-century modern is a trend that’shere to stay. You can thank “Mad Men” or our parents’ hand-me-downs, but either way, this style has taken up residence in homes across America. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Palm...
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Hangzhou Tides Kindergarten / GLA

InterventionHangzhou Tides Kindergarten is located in Wangjiang Unit, Shangcheng District, downtown of Hangzhou with 16 classes as planned. The land is in an irregular shape, with a high-density residential area in the northwest and an urban road in...
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Helensvale Haus in South East Queensland / Happy Haus

The clients, a young couple building for the first time, engaged the Brisbane-based firm to bring the Helensvale Haus to life as an open courtyard-style home on their medium sized block ... Continue... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit...
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Bielmann House / Rob Dubois

The Casa Bielman – Rios is a freestanding one family dwelling, located in Santa Maria de Palautordera near Barcelona and situated on a sloping plot of 700 m2. It is consisting of a basement of 102 m2, a ground floor of 94 m2 and the first...
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Sattrapirom Meditation Center / Ken Lim Architects

Sattrapirom Meditation Center is located in the grove among the rubber plantation and the orchards in Amphoe Klaeng, Rayong. Erected for Vipassana Meditation, the place of practice for the villagers and the monks. This place is also designed to...
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Court House / moad

The brief had two streams of thought that shaped the imagination about the house. One is how it should be built and two is what it should have. The former should be a house that sits lightly on earth and the later is experiential charm of an...
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[+] Sketchup Kitchen Design Plugin Download

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Aranya Caf / odd

This smoothly curved big-hat-like building is built in the park of Aranya district, which is aiming for a simple and fine lifestyle resort community for along Gold Coast. The site is adjacent to the sand dune formed by sea breezes after a long...
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