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a simple skincare tip...because I love you!!

While for the love of a house started as a renovation blog some 10 years ago now; I feel it has morphed into a lifestyle blog at this point.  I love sharing our life, our girls, our home, my designs, projects, the gardens, my favorite things, et cetera with you.  I have several "favorites" posts that I've been compiling for over a year that I'm excited to share, but this one simple tip deserves it's own quick post because it has had a huge impact on the health and well-being of my skin, not to mention my daily comfort level since it has been over a year now since I've experienced a single day of dry skin, I kid you not!  I'm sure you can imagine the toll a winter in New England can take on one's skin;)  I hope this tip will aid (at least some of) you too if you suffer from dry, itchy skin. (fyi- we do this year round, not just in winter) Sometimes I feel foolish sharing such random little things with you and I will question myself and talk myself out of sharing, but I always revert to the old adage "if it helps one person... ." I have found over the last 10 years of blogging that those little random tips/shares are often the things that I get repeat feedback/thanks about even years later.  I'm also trying to post more on what's on my mind instead of overthinking posts which I usually do and then end up not posting at all.... you know, like for over a year? ;)  Enough of my rambling...

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