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Using Faux Sheepskin and Cowhide Rugs in your Home

Faux sheepskin and cowhide add warmth (literally and design-wise) to any room.
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Faux sheepskin and cowhide rugs add warmth (literally and design-wise) to any room. Millions of animals are killed each year to produce skin for various products, and for homeowners who don?t want to purchase real animal skins, faux sheepskins and cowhides are a guilt-free and affordable way to enjoy these soft and plush rugs.

Fake cowhide and sheepskin rugs can be used almost anywhere. Image: GlowImages/Getty Images

?It?s amazing how adding a hide rug to a room can be an instant game changer,? says Lori Wiles of Lori Wiles Design in Cedar Rapids, IA. ?A boldly patterned cowhide is an unexpected (slightly renegade) element and makes a traditional space feel less stuffy and static.? They’re also a good option for renters.  Design and decorating options for renters may be limited, but these rugs are one way to transform a space without violating your rental agreement.
These rugs are easy to swap out. Image: createrio/Shutterstock

Wiles explains that the shape of hide or the fluffy texture of sheepskin can soften a modern space. ?Since hides are typically smaller than a seating area, I like to place them on top of other rugs with contrasting textures like sisal, jute...
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