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Yulhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, is a residential area that has the appearance of the past, unlike its surroundings of a new city. Unlike the parking lot and the well-maintained area, when you enter the complex, you face a high wall facing the road. It seems to indicate the disconnected communication of residents of Yulhyeon-dong. However, Y-Project tries to promote community coexistence and contribute to the community as a new residential prototype of Yulhyeon-dong neighborhood.

© Joon-hwan Yoon

Architects: RNK DESIGN

Location: Bamgogae-ro 24-gil, South Korea

Principal Architect: Lee seung-june

Project Architect: Lee seung-june

Design Team: Yoon hwi-chwi, Lee hee-geun, Sung rak-ho, Lee won-bong, Lee chul-min

Area: 152.0 m2

Project Year: 2017
Photographs: Joon-hwan Yoon

Structural Engineer: A-JU Structural Engineering

Mechanical Engineer: JU-SUNG MEC

Electrical Engineer: NARA Engineering consultant

Construction: J.archiv DnC

Program (Use): Multi-Purpose Hall, Group Home

Site Area: 310?

Building Area: 152.29?

Gross Floor Area: 484.49?

Height: 7.92m

Building To Land Ratio: 49.13%

Floor Area Ratio: 96.95%

Design Period: 2015.12.08. ? 2016.11.30.

Construction Period: 2016.12.01. ? 2017.09.19.

Completion: 2017.09.19

© Joon-hwan Yoon

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