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Trilux Headquarter / Graft Architects

GRAFT designed the new headquarters of the German lighting company TRILUX in Cologne. The design of the rectangular building is strongly inspired by the client?s craft: light, refraction and reflections are reflected ? in the truest sense of the word ? throughout the building and its design embodies the precision of lamp manufacture. The continuous, staggered glass façade presents a changing pattern of reflections from different viewpoints and draws inspiration from the aesthetics of spotlight reflectors, which optimize the optical distribution of the light source. To achieve this, each façade module is rotated at the same angle about its central axis. The overall impression is of a monolithic building that produces different light and depth effects depending on the point of view.
© Trilux

Architects: Graft Architects

Location: Cologne, Germany

Category: Offices Interiors

Lead Architects: Allison Weiler, Sven Fuchs

Project Team: Marvin Bratke, Sebastian Gernhardt, Sara Gomez, Agata Glubiak, Thomas Grabner, Sasha Krückeberg, Yue Xiao

Area: 2794.0 m2

Project Year: 2019

Photographs: Trilux

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Source: Archdaily