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Pakkret House / Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated

29-07-2020 19:36 - ( architecture )

Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

A Modern Minimalist House That Showcases A Maserati

We have seen houses that showcase Ferraris and Lamborghinis. In fact, we have seen some luxury apartments do so as well. This particular 131.68 square metre car lover’s house has been created by Fujiwaramuro Architects in central Takamatsu,...
10-01-2020 19:09 - ( general decoration )
Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

James Corner Field Operations Selected to Transform Historic Canal Park in DC Neighborhood of Georgetown

James Corner Field Operations, the urban design and landscape architecture firm behind the High Line in New York City, has been selected by Georgetown Heritage to complete a similar transformation of a historic canal in the Washington D.C....
16-03-2017 19:23 - ( architecture )
Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

Housing for Elderly People in Huningue / Dominique Coulon & associs

This housing for elderly people is located on the banks of the Rhine. The exceptional situation of the site allowed us to turn the common areas and the hall towards the river: the residents can enjoy the choreography of passing boats. The programme...
13-09-2018 19:28 - ( architecture )
Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

The Ark Cabin / Wiki World + Advanced Architecture Lab[AaL]

The project is located in the suburbs of Wuhan. The owners are internet professionals, a family of four who wanted a vacation cabin in nature to accompany their children and relax. The house is built with a light wood structure and hidden in the...
25-06-2022 19:37 - ( architecture )
Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

The Nordic Cube House Was Entirely Designed Around a Staircase

Designer Ayelet Levi Adani designed this home to be a perfect cube with the staircase holding the important role as the center of the house.
11-02-2022 19:03 - ( general decoration )

Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

Powerhouse, Mecanoo and SHoP Join Design Team Reimagining Rotterdam's Rijnhaven

A new masterplan and building scheme has been designed for the Codrico Factory and Rijnhaven in Rotterdam. With the overall plan created by Powerhouse Company in collaboration with developer RED Company, the proposal includes a series of buildings...
07-12-2020 19:31 - ( architecture )
Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

House in Salto de Pirapora / Vereda Arquitetos

House in Salto de Pirapora Salto de Pirapora is a satellite city 25km from Sorocaba and the house is located on the road that connects these two cities. The 1000m2 plot has an eitght meters slope and looks out over a small ecological reserve...
29-04-2020 19:35 - ( architecture )
Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

Desktop Wallpaper: October 2019

This month\'s Designer Desktop features a fun print from direct-to-consumer home furnishings platform, The Inside.
01-10-2019 19:06 - ( general decoration )
Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

New Arrivals!

Back!  I am back. Indeed, and I am oh so ready to get to work on the house.  Itching.  Though I need a nap.  An extended one, preferably.  Yet, I\'m feeling more gung-ho, let\'s-go-get-\'em about the ever-growing, never-shortens list than...
08-05-2017 19:15 - ( general decoration )
Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

10 Tips To Perfect Your Architectural Photography

Our modern day, image-obsessed culture has got us consuming a large quantity of architecture through photographs, as opposed to physical, spatial experiences. The advantages of architectural photography are great; it allows people to obtain a visual...
06-02-2017 19:31 - ( architecture )

Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

Deus Videt Te House and Ceramic Studio / Objekt Architecten

In the middle of the Flemish fields, our clients bought an old house with an adjacent, dilapidated barn. Both buildings were in urgent need of some tender love and care, but there was one big asset: the location.
27-06-2022 19:34 - ( architecture )
Folding Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

The Important Role Libraries Play in Building a Creative and Innovative Society

As gateways to knowledge and culture, libraries play a fundamental role in society. Foundational in creating opportunities for learning, as well as supporting literacy and education, the resources and services each library offers all work towards...
26-06-2022 19:37 - ( architecture )