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The Abacus House / studioXS

The Abacus house is designed around two paradoxical ideas: Over build on a small site and considering we are overbuilding how do we maximize the minimal resources of light and ventilation that are still available to us"An abacus is a device for making a mathematical calculation. On the Ground floor and the first floor being able to see across the length of the site, one experiences the length of the site creating a feeling of expanse and openness. Horizontal circulation was completely eliminated with the vertical circulation opening into common spaces on all floors.
© Anand Jaju

Architects: studioXS

Location: Bangalore, India

Category: Houses

Lead Architects: Shivani Kumar, Sucheth Palat , Tanika Krishnan, Meghana P

Area: 3330.0 ft2

Project Year: 2017

Photographs: Anand Jaju

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Source: Archdaily


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