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Sturlasgade by JAC Studios

This modern spacious apartment located in Copenhagen, Denmark, was designed in 2017 by JAC Studios.

Description by JAC Studios
JAC studios have designed a striking renovation of a 200m2 apartment in a former factory complex in the neighbourhood of Islandsbrygge in Copenhagen.
The apartment is focussed on creating an interior landscape of plateaus and surfaces that offer dual functionality with an attention to detail and material connectivity.
Seemingly impossible structures levitate throughout the interior space with a delicacy and lightness in construction. The apartment utilises a rich choice of materials creating a strong contrast and meeting between surfaces that cantilever, intercept and interact with one another.
The design is intended to open up the interior spaces to form a large open plan space that allows for a principal living, kitchen and dining area. Furniture interventions create a zoning of spaces rather than relying on interior walls to divide spaces. The central feature of the dining space is a long 4.5-metre cantilevered table that seemingly floats across the kitchen and living room area, the table is multi-functional and provides a place for gathering in large groups as well as for preparing food.
Additionally, a series of plateaus create a multi-faceted installation in which surfaces extend to form a staircase, fireplace, and seating. The higher-level stair consisting of lightweight steel construction is suspended from the first-floor level t...
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