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Second Stage of Hangzhou Cloud Town Exhibition Center / Approach Design

The project lies in the birthland of characteristic towns??Cloud Town, Hangzhou. For actively embracing imagination, a once unfinished industrial park has now become the industrial hub of cloud computing, big-data and artificial intelligence. The ?Computing Conference? held in autumn every year has become the largest-scale scientific and technological fiesta. Oddly enough, the conference was held outdoors several years in a roll simply because of the ?impropriety? of available venues. Of course, by no means does ?impropriety? suggest those venues were inferior in terms of size or grade, it?s just that the conference founders didn?t want to see people?s imagination being constrained by a venue. Therefore, as the designers of the exhibition center, we intended to break away from past experience and the ?desire to create?, contemplating and making breakthroughs from its origin instead of constructing yet another generic exhibition center on this land.
Aerial view of second-stage. Image © Lianping Mao

Architects: Approach Design

Location: Yunxi County, Hangzhou, China

Architect In Charge: Di Ma, Xin Jin, Lianping Mao, Sheng Jiang

Design Team: Jiangliang Zhang, Weifen Sheng, Yang Wang, Mengjun Mao, Hao Wu

Area: 66680.0 m2

Project Year: 2018

Photographs: Lianping Mao

Collaborator: Zhejiang Province Institute Of Architectural Dsign And Research

Construction: Zhejiang Provincial Yijian C...
Source: Archdaily