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The site is surrounded by mountains on two sides, and on the hillside, there are lush wild forests while the existing building on the site is a typical Siheyuan building complex in the Beijing suburb area.
Ang Wu

architects: AML Design studioLocation: Beijing, ChinaProject Year: 2021Photographs: Ang WuArea: 380.0 m2
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Waist Slab Staircase Meaning and Technical Details

21-06-2017 19:34 - ( architecture )

Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

Isfahan H to V House / CAAT Studio

The H to V House is located in a high-density urban block in the city of Isfahan-Iran. The project?s design corresponds to how traditional spatial relationships in a conventional Isfahan House can be transformed into a modern house within an urban...
02-08-2022 19:47 - ( architecture )
Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

New Family House by Atelier Rampazzi

New Family House is a modern house located in Avegno, Switzerland, designed in 2021 by Atelier Rampazzi. Description The project involved the construction of a new house developed on a single floor and characterized by the...
14-06-2022 19:39 - ( architecture )
Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

Casa del Abuelo / Taller DIEZ 05

La Casa del Abuelo is a public day-stay for senior citizens located within the premises of a 4-hectares municipal park in the northeast of the city of Córdoba, in the state of Veracruz.
11-06-2017 19:27 - ( architecture )
Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

Kandarp - A House of Interaction / AANGAN Architects

House of Interaction is a residence for a Public figure of the city where three generations of the family co-exist. The client?s brief called for having such spatial arrangements that they encourage not only horizontal but also vertical interaction;...
31-07-2022 19:37 - ( architecture )
Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

Jean Rostand School / SAM architecture

The Jean Rostand school is located in the heart of the Epine district, south of Hellemmes. The neighbourhood was primarily designed for railway workers in the seventies. Cornered between beltways and railroads, it is quite unknown to Lille?s...
05-03-2021 19:38 - ( architecture )

Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

Aireys Ramp House / Irons McDuff Architecture

Intent was to create a strong sense of escape to the coastal bushland, for a client looking for spatial reprieve from their small dwelling and a timber dwelling. The challenge was its location in a bushfire prone, suburban sub-division. Simple...
11-10-2018 19:37 - ( architecture )
Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

MuWeCo / AIM Architecture

Tucked below the foothills of the Luo Fu Shan range, in Sichuan, China, lies Fushengyu Hot springs Resort. A visit to Sichuan isn?t necessary to realize the stunning beauty of the region (but we definitely recommend it!) but from our first visit, it...
06-06-2018 19:38 - ( architecture )
Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

Covestro Headquarters / HENN

The new Covestro Headquarters reflects the company?s ethos of radical experimentation and innovation. A high-tech polymer company, Covestro creates materials used in every aspect of modern life, from green energy to healthcare to electronics to its...
26-11-2021 19:28 - ( architecture )
Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

Aquasource Pedestal Sink Installation Instructions

Self rimming design makes this sink a striking focal point for any bathroom decor. Watch this video for steps on installing a vessel sink. 98 Aquasource White Wallmount Square Bath Sink Squarebathsink Modern Bathroom Sink Sink Pedestal Sink Nice...
03-04-2021 19:09 - ( interior decoration )
Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

Axpo Holding AG US Headquarters / BoND

The new American Headquarters of Axpo Holding AG present a fresh perspective on contemporary workplace design, use of sustainable materials in interiors, and our own fascination with Swiss precision.
01-12-2020 19:34 - ( architecture )

Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

Lomenz Restaurant / Kanisavaran Architectural Group

The project is located on Chizar Sq. in Tehran, Iran. Design started in 2010 and construction was completed in early 2011. It covers a surface of 300 m2 The initial position of the project aims to provide a unique Restaurant where knowledge sparks...
30-08-2019 19:40 - ( architecture )
Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin

Escuela Nacional para la Calidad del caf / Julin Larrotta + Carlos Andrs Montao

The Project is conceived as an institutional policy with the aim of promoting the development of the coffee sector throughout formative actions that allow us to produce and market a high quality product. 
31-07-2018 19:41 - ( architecture )