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PAN-cabins / sivilarkitet espen surnevik as

The PAN-cabins are rental cabins made special for the client PAN-tretopphytter. The project is located in the eastern forest area of Norway, called Finnskogen, after Finish immigrants steeling here in the 16th century. The cabins are made as an intuitive response to the client's will and vision of having unique Architecture with an almost mythological link to the place, landscape, and Nordic forests. The cabins are planed with retreat-qualities that offer the possibility for a comfortable stay all alone in the middle of the wild nature of Norway.
© Rasmus Norlander

Architects: sivilarkitet espen surnevik as

Location: Gjesĺsen, Ĺsnes, Hedmark, Norway

Category: Cabins & Lodges

Area: 40.0 m2

Project Year: 2018

Photographs: Rasmus Norlander, Espen Surnevik, Maren Hansen

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Source: Archdaily