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Nestlé Social Block / GH+A Guillermo Hevia Arquitectos

The new building, part of Nestlés social block at the Granero factory (VI Región – Chile), uses a variety of bioclimatic strageties, within a company policy of rational use of energy resources and economics in the 21th century. These strategies favorize the usage of natural resources, pasive vetilation systems, air-condition and cleaning for inside spaces, natural controlled illumination, effective cost savings in the use of hydrological resources (water consumption of restrooms, etc), tendencies to find the best sustainability, quality of life, rational use of resources and protection of the environment.  

© Cristián Barahona

Architects: GH+A | Guillermo Hevia

Area: 2800 m2

Photographs: Cristián Barahona, Guillermo Hevia García

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Source: Archdaily