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Nearly Zero Energy Building of the Gui'an Innovation Park / SUP Atelier

Project statement

© Xia Zhi

Architects: SUP Atelier

Location: Gui'an, Guizhou Province, China

Architects In Charge: SONG Yehao, SUN Qingfen, CHEN Xiaojuan, LIN Zhenghao

Architecture Design : SUP Atelier, THUPDI

Area: 701.0 sqm

Project Year: 2015

Photographs: Xia Zhi

© Xia Zhi

From the architect. Project statementTHE-Studio is both a practical demonstration case which deeply integrates sustainable design strategies with ecological technologies, and an experimental platform for sustainable architecture based on the Moderate Zone in southwest China, aiming to examine whether the detailed design methods and building technologies can truly suit to the local conditions of climate, culture and even economy.
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Oriented to the specific project positioning, the design team has developed the multi-system integrated design strategy from the very early design phase to minimize the negative impacts to local ecological system while maximizing the indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

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Multi-system integrationThe multi-system integration includes three levels: the paralleled construction systems, the integration of vernacular culture with sustainable technology and the BIM platform.

Diagram. Site Section

Four building systems are implemented ...
Source: Archdaily