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Kandarp - A House of Interaction / AANGAN Architects

House of Interaction is a residence for a Public figure of the city where three generations of the family co-exist. The client?s brief called for having such spatial arrangements that they encourage not only horizontal but also vertical interaction; discouraging isolation and yet retaining privacy. This fundamental need of the client called for a ?Sectional Play? and the creation of volumes that revolve around the idea of developing this house as a ?House of Interaction?. The idea is not limited to creating interacting opportunities for three generations to reside but extends to creating interactive interfaces between the inside and the outside, developing elements that address the purpose of sustainability, aesthetics, identity, and functionality in the truest of its spirit.
Pratikruti09 - Ar. Pratik Chandresha

architects: AANGAN ArchitectsLocation: Surat, Guyarat, IndiaProject Year: 2021Photographs: Pratikruti09 - Ar. Pratik ChandreshaArea: 709.0 m2
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