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Han House is located in a private house in Shunyi, Beijing. The original site is a simple pavilion, pavilion with a pool koi. This area was originally an outdoor tea house for the owner to entertain friends. Since the architectural space could not meet the needs of better experience, it was transformed into an independent tea house. The narrative content of the space remains unchanged and the narrative logic of the space is changed by the new building, which can neither cover up the characteristics of the original site nor change the harmony of the original site. One of the challenges of the project was to build on the original so that it could continue to be integrated with the original building.
Courtesy of Dake Architectural Design

architects: Dake Architectural DesignLocation: Rixin Road, Shunyi District, Beijing, ChinaPhotographs: Courtesy of Dake Architectural DesignArea: 55.0 m2
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