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Stand-alone house located in the rural commune of Lampa, located on the northwest side of Santiago, Chile. It's hermetic and open at the same time. The first floor closed around its perimeter and contains two courtyards at the longitudinal ends of the house. Between them is a common space for the kitchen, dining and living rooms, this configuring a linear and successive space between three continuous situations that are always connected with both courtyards, creating an interior composed of an interior, intermediate and exterior spaces.
© Pablo Casals Aguirre

Lead Architects: Francisco Abarca, Camilo Palma, Sebastián Ochoa, Nicolás Acosta

Location: Lampa, Chile

Category: Houses

Owner: Palomba Jael Albarracín Mori

Area: 60.0 m2

Project Year: 2017

Photographs: Pablo Casals Aguirre

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Source: Archdaily