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Cabbio Square / Enrico Sassi Architetto

The village of Cabbio is located on the eastern side of the Valle Di Muggio and has developed along the hillside, adapting to the conformation of the land. The square of Cabbio is located at the end of the village, overlooked by the San Salvatore?s Church, the entire complex is a cultural asset protected at the cantonal level, the entire Cabbio village is registered in the ?Inventario degli insediamenti svizzeri da proteggere? (ISOS).
Simone Mengani

architects: enrico sassi architettoLocation: 6835 Breggia, SwitzerlandProject Year: 2022Photographs: Simone MenganiPhotographs: Marcelo Villada OrtizArea: 1100.0 m2
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