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Bob Dylan Center / Olson Kundig

Dedicated to the study and appreciation of Bob Dylan and his worldwide cultural significance, the new Bob Dylan Center traces the creative trajectory of this prolific artist across his 60-year career. Located in the Tulsa Arts District, the Center is envisioned as a dynamic, multifaceted venue, housing permanent, temporary, and traveling exhibitions readily accessible by artists, historians, musicologists, and the general public seeking a deeper comprehension of Dylan?s work, his influences and the offshoots inspired by his legacy.
Matthew Millman

architects: Olson KundigLocation: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United StatesProject Year: 2022Photographs: Matthew MillmanArea: 17500.0 ft2
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Slate House by Ziger/Snead Architects

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Future Kitchen: Creating the Kitchen of 2050

It started as a fire pit in the ground. Cooking the day?s hunt over open flame. As civilization evolved, the kitchen evolved alongside us. From the origins of mankind with the discovery of cooked meat to refrigeration allowing for the preservation...
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[+] Small Kitchen Design With Island Wall Oven

Image Source: Small Kitchen Design With Island Wall Oven From blueprint challenges to a abridgement of light, bunched kitchens can prove arduous to alive with and catchy to change. Gather afflatus for your own small-kitchen architecture...
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Permeable Junction Boarding House / Andyrahman Architect

Permeable is a biological term, which in this case is intended as breaking the boundary between two different or even opposite things. This is a fundamental concept of Keputih Boarding House Volume 6, which is in taxa (ambiguous) condition, both...
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House in the Pramo / ZITA

Following 3 years of research alongside Cristina Albornoz, ZITA designed and built the House in the Andean Mooreland in an attempt to create an example of how to build within this fragile ecosystem with high environmental value. Located at an...
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A Downloadable Library of Free DWG Drawings by Flan Studio

Flan Studio has created a downloadable library of over 200 free drawings in DWG and PNG format. Established by Cem Ozan Cetintas and Alpkenan Koska, the drawings of people, animals, and nature have been created ?to generate free-willed content for...
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RVELER / Collective Camposaz

Camposaz is a wood self-construction workshop in 1:1 scale. The Collective is known for his collaborative and site-specific approach. Current workshops are open to architects, designers, carpenters between 18 and 35 years of age. Living in close...
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Aposperia Memorable Living by A&M Architects

Aposperia Memorable Living is a traditional minimalist boutique hotel located on the Greek island of Karpathos designed in 2021 by A&M Architects. Description Overlooking the deep Aegean blue, in an untouched area...
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How to Install Ventilated Facades Using Wooden Panels

This vertical cladding for facades is a high-density laminated panel, composed of a core of paper fibers -compressed at high temperature and pressure- and an outer coating highly resistant to weathering and UV radiation. The wood used in...
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Sawo Rontgent Coffee Shop / Dhanie & Sal

Sawo Rontgen occupies the front yard of an existing house in a residential area with a strong tie to medical facilities. Searching for a unique identity for the second home of Sawo Coffee, we took the location?s rontgen street name as an identity...
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Building Warm Luxe With Brown Accent Decor & Stunning Natural Stone

Stunning natural stone elements and rich brown accents construct a luxurious 210 square metre apartment interior, located in St. Petersburg, Russia. Designed by Chub Architects, this is a space that?s set to wow all who visit with its unabashed use...
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The Menu Space New York Showroom Designed by Hilary Robertson

Menu Space New York is a minimalist showroom located in SoHo as a space that is warm, welcoming + a combination of Copenhagen + New York.
03-12-2020 19:06 - ( general decoration )

Living Area for Teachers and Students of USST / TJAD

The new campus construction project of Shanghai University of science and technology is one of the major projects in Shanghai launched in 2012. The living area for teachers and students is located in the University of science and technology, which...
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