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Arbor house in Tsurugashima / Yoshichika Takagi + associates

This is a remodeling of a wooden house in an ordinary dense residential area in Tsurugashima, Kanto region. It was built 33 years ago on a backland site that connects to the road via access of only 2 meters wide. Before remodeling, it had a small bright garden on the south side. There was a field in the neighboring land that faces the garden, where open sky could be seen. However, it was planned to be remodeled for residential development. Therefore it could be imagined that it would turn to a garden surrounded by houses, which is never a good environment.
© Yuta Oseto

Architects: Yoshichika Takagi + associates

Location: Tsurugashima, Japan

Category: Renovation

Lead Architects: Yoshichika Takagi

Structural Engineer : Daisuke Hasegawa

Building Area: 57.50 m2

Total Floor Area: 97.24 m2

Project Year: 2016

Photographs: Yuta Oseto

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Source: Archdaily