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Apartment on Aveiro Street / Branco-delRio Arquitectos


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Architects: Branco-delRio Arquitectos

Location: Coimbra, Portugal

Autores: João Branco e Paula Del Río

Collaborator: Gerson Rei

Year Of Project: 2013

Photographies: do mal o menos

© do mal o menos

Text description provided by the architects. 3 PIECES OF FURNITURE CREATE A HOMEThe aim was to convert a former two floor office in a rental apartment. The proposal, which develops at the lower level, focuses on reconverting a small area, originally subdivided and dark, to accommodate the social areas of the house.

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The intervention proposes to let the light flow, converting it into a diaphanous space and thus ncreasing the feeling of spaciousness. The main decision is not to build, intervening by dispensing with traditional construction work, in favor of a dry approach, much simpler, without creating new walls or divisions.


To that, the plant is emptied, introducing in the diaphanous space 3 wooden pieces of furniture that will organize the space.Firstly, a box contains wet areas: kitchen and bathroom. A mobile with a bookcase and table gives form to the entrance and to a small office under the stairs. Finally, movable lower furniture separates the living and eating areas.

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With only these three pieces, shape is given to the spaces of th...
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