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Apartment AMRA7 / Piratininga Arquitetos Associados + Bruno Rossi Arquitetos

A large mashrabiya – featuring windows with wooden trusses, an Iberian heritage typical of Brazilian architecture, draws your attention on Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo, near Avenida Paulista in São Paulo. It is a residential building designed in 1964 by the architects Alberto Botti and Marc Rubin, both partners at Botti & Rubin Associated Architects.
architects: Bruno Rossi Arquitetosarchitects: Piratininga Arquitetos AssociadosLocation: São Paulo, State of São Paulo, BrazilProject Year: 2019Photographs: Nelson KonPhotographs: Area: 3444 ft2
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Rounds Theater Pavilion / SPORTS

01-01-2020 19:40 - ( architecture )

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White Cube Matrix: Paju Kindergarten / UnSangDong Architects

Kindergarten is a space that children create their dreams and imagination. Children bear unpredictable potential alike plain paper. Aggregation of growing cells generates uncompleted spatial expand without defining rigid form and space on...
31-01-2019 19:40 - ( architecture )
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[+] Small Kitchen Lounge Open Plan Ideas

Image Source: Small Kitchen Lounge Open Plan Ideas If you adulation the Swiss abode advised by Tino Zervudachi in our December 2017 issue, again analysis out some of these added abode and berth designs, called by our appearance...
05-05-2018 19:05 - ( interior decoration )
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Favorites from Collective Design Fair 2018

We round up our favorites from Collective Design Fair, showcased within Skylight Clarkson Square\'s new deconstructed exhibition space.
13-03-2018 19:03 - ( general decoration )
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Black History Month Spotlight: Betye Saar

There’s been a lot of talk about patriarchy lately, but I keep finding myself coming back
08-02-2017 18:55 - ( interior decoration )
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Prix Versailles 2021: World Selections for Airports, Campuses, Passenger Stations and Sports announced

The annual Prix Versailles awards, created in 2015 to promote a better interaction between the cultural and the economic, announced the 2021 World Selections celebrating 24 projects in the categories of Airports, Campuses, Passenger Stations and...
28-07-2021 19:41 - ( architecture )

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The Newest Addition to Harvard University?s Campus Is a Paragon of Sustainability

The massive new hub for lab research, by Behnisch Architekten, marks a new chapter of sustainable construction and campus planning. James McCown explores in his article originally published on Metropolis, Harvard\'s latest addition in the Boston...
27-05-2021 19:39 - ( architecture )
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Aemulus at the Runway / Design Unit Architects Sdn Bhd

Aemulus is a 58,000 sf manufacturing & office building for an electronics company. The site overlooks the Penang airport runway which becomes the focus of the project & to which views are maximized. Conceptually, an elevated brick box...
22-02-2021 19:34 - ( architecture )
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Grotto Retreat Xiyaotou / A( )VOID

"Hollow villages" are a common phenomenon in China rural areas. Most of the aboriginal households of the village have moved to the new rural residential areas, leaving their dilapidated homesteads. Considering the cultural heritage in Yu...
28-07-2021 19:41 - ( architecture )
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Cutting Through Modern Architecture With Cobogo

Ventilation is key in super hot climates, which is exactly why the perforated cobogo block was dreamed into existence back in the 1920s. Based on wooden muxarabis, these are an inheritance of Arab culture, and so make a poetic twist in this...
14-12-2020 19:10 - ( general decoration )
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Newlab Co-Working Space / CIVILIVN

CIVILIVN, a New York-based creative studio, was engaged by Newlab to transform 77 Washington, a nearly 30,000 square-foot space near its Brooklyn Navy Yard Headquarters. Newlab and CIVILIVN collaborated to reimagine the 1930s-era manufacturing...
07-08-2020 19:32 - ( architecture )

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Edificio M by Federico Guarini

This traditional apartment located in Monopoli, Italy, has been redesigned in 2019 by Federico Guarini. Photography by Davide Galli Visit Federico Guarini
25-05-2020 19:28 - ( architecture )
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Community Cultural Center, Series Projects of Xiaoshi Village Overall Planning / Studio Dali Architects

In 2017, we were invited by the village secretary to do an overall planning and a series of architectural design of Xiaoshi Village in Pengzhou, Sichuan Province. Just like other rebuilt villages after the earthquake, XIaoshi Village is facing the...
07-01-2020 19:42 - ( architecture )