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The Coat Closet Paint Job.

I swear.  Where does the time go"!  I mean, wtf man.  Wake up one day, it's January, fresh and teeming with motivation and then bam, January's gone.  Now it's February and I'm not getting anything done.

I require an alternate universe paralleling my life so I can get everything done, please.  Sheesh.

And by the way"  Our baking blog is live, the one with my great friend Jenny!  Yes!  It is, I'm not kidding!  It's called Flaky Bakers and here's our first post:  Dark Chocolate Chambord Mini Bundts.  Go!  Go read!  But come back here!

But all right....onto the house.

Small closets are a pain in the a**, amiright"

Hey, lookie there, our wee coat closet.I shouldn't complain as this is the first time I've lived in a residence with a coat closet in umm....uh, oh my, twenty-some years maybe"

And I'm not really complaining.  Closets are inherently frustrating.  Type ?closet organization" into a search and behold the wonders of our collective closet issues.

Coat closets are their own brand of special hell, especially if you live in a colder climate.  They're too small, they're too full, too dark, too messy, too not functional.

We all have closet issues.

And for every closet issue, there's an expensive company or product line touting to be our saviors when all one likely needs is a few minutes to examine the closet's issues, a tape measure, and some ingenuity.
So yeah.  Ours is not even two feet square.  Yeah.  Reaaallllyyy tough.  Which is why it has taken me so long to get on it.  I open it, feel a rush of frustration, shut it, and walk away.

Now, the impetus for going whole hog on the closet is multifaceted.  I received a comment over on Hometalk about those hoodie racks I assembled.  The commenter queried, why bother putting in something cool when it's not seen"

My response"  You absolutely should -- every place you interact with at home should be special.  And why not"  If specialness abounds, you'll feel special and that's important, trust me.  Plus closets are perfect for going cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

After several drawn up iterations, I got tired of drawing up iterations so I picked and refined one.  Next"  Determining paint and all that crap which is the harder and lengthier part, if you ask me.

One day scrolling the Instagrams, a photo popped up from someone named Cowboy Kate and ah ha,

Figuring Mike would at this point shoot me off to the loony bin if I painted yet more black as much as I want to plus also making up some lame excuse, that being the practicality of an itsy bitsy closet in black, I veered, went dark gray.  Even though I know black was right and would work.

Improbable from Pittsburg Paint to be exact, figuring this would hide dirt and still work with my plan.  Black does show dirt extrem...


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