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New Year! New Variety Pack!

Hey!  Happy New Year everybody!  I hope your holiday season was stellar!

Whooie, a whirlwind, amiright"  Yeah I'm pooped too.

But, nevertheless, no rest for the weary!

Let's start the year with a Variety Pack, shall we"  Considering the clean up and the catching up and work and the life stuff, sadly this is meagerly all I have to present to you.

But I promise there's some good stuff speckled in here that you can apply to your own home.  For reals!

It's January, right"  For me, as always, like clockwork, I dunno what it is, the raging urge to purge and clean crap out kicks in.  Tidy up, toss it, make some space, git it outta here, *clap clap,* let's do this!

So that's how we begin, with a USB outlet.  Huh, how does...., you may be pondering.

Ok, actually I think it began with the wine glass storage* because I broke a glass.  Slick move, butterfingers, I know.  All right, aaaaannnyyyyyway.

Ok ok ok, I finally changed the bad lighting.  Um, after this photo was taken.  I know, I'm sorry.  But what a cacophony.The glasses get bumped often where they are (and broken....hey, a trip to Ikea for more, yesss), not just by me ahem plus the visual clutter in this one little nook of the kitchen is bogging my brain down.  Fire lit.

Into the pantry the rack went, easy peasy.

Well sorta.  First I had to get a few more shelf brackets as I cannot remember why I installed the shelves on this wall so oddly with no support on the ends.
Droopy sad shelf ends.  Doh.  What was I thinking"And then since I was here and it's been a "hey, you should do this someday" thing, I moved the hooks further up the wall for the floor cleaning tools.  Which ya know, me, it all took longer than it should have because Mercury Retrograde was still in effect.  Sure, blame that, why not.

Shelves and floor thingies all happy now.Once I got the wine rack attached, I grabbed some large binder clips* and snapped them on the ends.  This wall rattles when Mike shuts the the back door so the clips will keep the glasses from shifting off onto the floor.

Woo hoo, no more broken glasses!  Although uh yeah, better get more reds.Sweet!

Ok so then next was the USB outlet.*

Our trouble:  a plug is always filled with a device charger, the other Mike's coffee grinder.  We're always plugging and unplugging and replugging and shifting.  Plus wires are everywhere.  Well, I guess the new outlet doesn't solve the nagging wire issue.

Beeefore. Still lovin' that backsplash.  Still hatin' them counters, ugh.Mmk, the first outlet I picked up, I could not get the wires into.  The screws would unravel only so far and the area around them, too tight.

As I had purposefully run out solely to pick this up specifically which is atypical for planner-me, I was less than excited to run back over to Menards for a different one.

But, I ...


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